J&J Auditorium - Drive-in Cinema


Amid the hustle and bustle of Phoenix, when night time comes around, a Drive-in Cinema awaits at the J&J Auditorium. Offering more than just indoor events, head to the quieter side of the city, pull up in the parking lot of J&J Auditorium and get comfy.

Whether it's date night or a family trip, you can enjoy a movie in the privacy of your own car while snacking on your Snack Pack. VIP Patrons can take advantage of the front row spots.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This venue is not owned and operated by Ciné sous les Étoiles. The Terms & Conditions for events held at this venue are as per the venue owner. Ciné sous les Étoiles only acts as an on-site operator for Cinema Equipment and Ticketing Services. Ciné sous les Étoiles cannot be held liable for any claims, damages, losses, expenses, costs or liabilities whatsoever.

J&J Auditorium, Phoenix
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FOOD & DRINK AT J&J Auditorium

Watching a good movie isn't the same without some good food...

And you can save yourself the hassle since all drive-in cinema tickets include a Snack Pack to accompany your movie and keep the munchies at bay - before or during the movie screening.

The Snack Pack will feature a rotating menu of all your favourite treats, including samosas, sandwiches and crispy chicken! Still feeling peckish or need a drink? Then head to the on-site vendors to purchase drinks and snacks. Otherwise you can always bring your own.